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If I Could Be Anything in the Nitrogen Cycle What Would it Be?

If I could be anything in the nitrogen cycle, I'd be a molecule of nitrate

To suddenly appear as an oxidized product of ammonium
Or maybe the product of an electrical storm, from a giant burst of lightning

I could move through the water, and into the streams. 
Traversing through sand, and silt, and clay, I'd be flat tired at the end of the day.

I could be denitrified and partially converted to a gas
Assimilated by plant roots until I was integral part of an exotic grass
Each day, my fate would be different
With a morning rain, I could move with the streams
At midday, I'd host lunch for the microbes that would be so much fun
And by dusk I'd bask on the sand by the setting sun

With time, I'd be part of plant proteins and resultant grain
I could feed millions, ending starvation and its cold hearted pain

Each year I'd be present for new seeds to germinate and grow
Dormant pastures would come alive, prairie flowers would blossom and glow

In the end I could turn sad faces into smiles, angst into joy,
Empty dreams could be filled with hope, just like lighting up the faces of poor children receiving their very first toy.

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