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Soil Nutrient Management

Sensor Based Nitrogen Rate Calculator.

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Sensor Based Nitrogen Rate Calculator, Topdress and Sidedress N rates for Corn and Wheat, Nitrogen management
Sensor Based Nitrogen Rate Calculator, on-line in 2002

How can the SBNRC Help You?



What the User Needs to have to get a N Rate Recommendation.

Planting Date __________
An Established N Rich Strip or Ramp Calibration Strip.
NDVI reading from the N-Rich Strip ________
NDVI reading from the Farmers Field _______
Estimated Cost of Fertilizer  $________
Estimated Price of Grain $________

With the information given to you in Lab determine the SBNRC Nitrogen  recommendation for your field.  Using the information produced by the SBNRC
YOU make the call of how much N should be applied to your field. 

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Comprehensive information on Nitrogen Use Efficiency for cereal crop production