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Soil Nutrient Management

Mobility Lab

 SOIL 4234    Laboratory Exercise 1


2010 Mobility Label Results EXCEL 

Excel Spread sheet with results.  Finish the calculations in grey to answer the questions. 

Clarification of the Excel File.  I apologize but there are two worksheets on this file.  You should work in the Leaching Worksheet. 

The lab gives results in lb/ac always assuming the sample is 6in deep.  So I back calculated for you to ppm.
It is now your job to convert back to lbs per acre I have done one for you, see if you can figure out the rest.
hint. In 6 in soil.  ppm*2 = lbs/ac so in 3 in soil ppm* 1 = lbs/ac.





Comprehensive information on Nitrogen Use Efficiency for cereal crop production