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Soil Nutrient Management


Jeremiah Mullock
Office: 615 Agronomy Farm
Phone:  405-744-7364

1 Mobility Lab  2012 results Lab1  Lab2

2 Basic Chemistry Lab

3 Acidic Soils and Liming material PDF    2012 Lab Results

Salinity Lab    Results from Lab section 1 available for Sections 2 use.

NH3 Volatilization from Anhydrous     2012 Lab Results

NH3 Volatilization from Urea

N reference Strip Lab

In-Field Soil Sampling Exercise and HOMEWORK!!!!

Assignment Hint:
For Tables 2 and 3 for min, max, average recommendations use the
use soil test calculated values given, not average of vertical or by plot recommendations.

N-P-Lime Teaching DEMO



Comprehensive information on Nitrogen Use Efficiency for cereal crop production