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Comprehensive information on Nitrogen Use Efficiency for cereal crop production Soil Nutrient Management, Oklahoma State University  www.npk.okstate.edu
Soil Nutrient Management
Fall 20

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You cannot build a peaceful world on empty stomachs and human misery
Norman Borlaug
Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, 1970

Penn and Teller on Dr. Borlaug (PG13)
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Better Days, Dr. Norman Borlaug
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You tell me, I forget
You teach me, I remember
You involve me, I learn

Benjamin Franklin

The important thing in life is
not the triumph but the struggle

Pierre de Coubertin




Brian Arnall
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Jeremiah Mullock

  Sensor Based Nitrogen Rate Calculator, Topdress and Sidedress N rates for Corn and Wheat
Sensor Based Nitrogen Rate Calculator, on-line since 2002
10 ways to stop Global Warming

Caloric INTAKE

Introduction of Ahmadinejad by Columbia University President (Ivy League Universities)

Global Warming

Brazil and OkState

Soil Plant Nutrient Cycling and Environmental Quality, Soil 5813
Soil Plant Nutrient Cycling and Environmental Quality

Precision Agriculture
Precision Agriculture

Soil Nutrient Management
Soil Nutrient Management

Research Methods in Agriculture
Research Methodology
in Agriculture

 Soil Fertility Handbook`

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